Georgetown College Democrats Invite Inauguration Protesters To Dorm Space

Finding a place to stay during president-elect Donald Trump’s inaugural week could be challenging.

As Washington, D.C. braces for tens of thousands of people to protest the inauguration, Georgetown University College Democrats turned to social media offering to host inaugural protesters by opening up their dorm rooms or apartments.


A Facebook post from the Georgetown College Democrats included a link to a form for students to fill out who were willing to host protesters looking to attend the Women’s March on Washington.

“Given our location in DC, we are calling all College Democrats to open up their dorm rooms or apartments to help house other college students for the weekend,” the post says. “Floor or couch space is much needed to host as many students as possible at Georgetown.”

University administrators issued an advisory against hosting strangers.

“For your safety and the safety of your fellow residents, you are discouraged from inviting guests, with whom you are not familiar, to stay with you,” the statement reads.


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