Illegals Run To Chicago Before Trump Presidency

People respond to incentives and the promise of a sanctuary city is causing illegals to flock to Chicago before Trump becomes president.

Recall after Trump was elected, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel vowed to keep the Windy City a sanctuary city (watch video).

Unsurprisingly, following Emanuel’s advertisement, illegals are making their move to Chicago.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Mexican consul in Chicago said that immigrants are flocking to the Windy City before Donald Trump becomes president because Chicago is a sanctuary city, according to a report Tuesday in El Financiero.

Carlos Martin Jimenez was speaking at a recent gathering of Mexican ambassadors and consuls in Mexico City and said that Mexicans in Indiana and Wisconsin are coming to the Chicago consulate due to it being a sanctuary for illegal immigrants.

In 2016, Chicago had a surge in homicides and the city was ranked last in The Fiscal Times’ Fiscal Health Index.

Given the state of its violence and its financial state, a surge in illegal aliens is the last thing the city needs.