Van Jones Calls Trump Pathological Liar

In an interview with Variety, CNN political commentator Van Jones harshly criticized Donald Trump.

Responding to a question about Trump’s use of Twitter, Jones said:

I think he’s jeopardizing the majesty of the office by the way he’s conducting himself. Every time a new form of media rises, you should have advantage of it: FDR with radio, JFK with television, Obama with the internet and viral videos, and now you have Trump with social media. We’ll see if America can survive a president who is a pathological liar with a Twitter addiction.

Jones also called Trump a “bully” and compared the shock of his victory to the JFK assassination and fall of the World Trade Center towers from the 911 terrorist attack.

That’s not the end of the criticism.

Speaking on a panel discussion about the documentary “13th” at the home of Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos, Jones continued his anti-Trump rant.

The Wrap reported on his comments responding to Oprah Winfrey about Trump (see video).

“I think mostly bad things. Both parties have a challenge. I think the president will prove to be authoritarian… You will see a horrendous abuse of power by this government. I think it’s good to hope for the best but we need to expect and prepare for the very worst.”

Progressives continue to struggle with the fact that the nation rejected the left-wing policies of both President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

As a progressive activist, Jones will use whatever platform he is given to blast Trump and keep the country divided.