Trump Was Right On Sweden

The media attacking President Donald Trump over his comments about Sweden was wrong.

During his speech on Saturday, Trump discussed problems that EU nations were having regarding large-scale immigration.

The media jumped on his comments that suggested there was a breakout in violence the prior night in Sweden when in fact nothing happened.

Now just a few days after Trump’s speech a riot occurred in Sweden where there is a large population of immigrants.

The Washington Post reports:

Just two days after President Trump provoked widespread consternation by seeming to imply, incorrectly, that immigrants had perpetrated a recent spate of violence in Sweden, riots broke out in a predominantly immigrant neighborhood in the northern suburbs of Sweden’s capital, Stockholm.

The neighborhood, Rinkeby, was the scene of riots in 2010 and 2013, too. And in most ways, what happened late Monday night was reminiscent of those earlier bouts of anger. Swedish police apparently made an arrest around 8 p.m. near the Rinkeby station. For reasons not yet disclosed by the police, word of the arrest prompted a crowd of youths to gather.

Over four hours, the crowd burned about half a dozen cars, vandalized several shopfronts and threw rocks at police. Police spokesman Lars Bystrom confirmed to Sweden’s Dagens Nyheter newspaper that an officer fired shots with intention to hit a rioter, but did not strike his target. A photographer for the newspaper was attacked by more than a dozen men and his camera was stolen, but ultimately no one was hurt or even arrested.

By focusing its attention on trying to slam and discredit Trump at every opportunity, the left-wing media is missing the story about the real problems of mass immigration in the EU.

The EU’s immigration social experiment is a failure and the media is doing the Americans a huge disservice by not reporting on this major story.