Intruder Gets Over White House Fence

Here we go again.

An intruder got over the fence of the White House and got close to an entrance before he was caught.

ABC News reports:

According the arrest affidavit, Tran was observed, “walking form the east side of the south grounds of the White House Complex,” and then “walking close to the exterior wall of the White House Mansion … approaching the South Portico Entrance to the White House Mansion.”

According to the complaint, video surveillance footage shows Tran jumping a fence near the Treasury Building next to the White House and at one point Tran is allegedly seen hiding “behind a White House pillar before proceeding to the South Portico Entrance.”

When he saw the uniformed Secret Service Officer, he changed course and headed toward the South Lawn, away form the White House.

When he was stopped, he told the officer, “I am a friend of the President. I have an appointment.” When asked how he got there, he said, “I jumped the fence.”

Tran was carrying two cans of mace, one in his pocket and one in his jacket. He also carried a U.S. passport, and Apple laptop, a book written by President Trump, and a letter he had written to the president.

The Secret Service must do a better job securing the White House. There were too many security breaches when President Obama occupied the White House and it’s still happening.