Chicago Mayor Emanuel Defies Trump On Sanctuary Cities

The arrogance of the policial left has no bounds.

The day after Attorney General Jeff Sessions said sanctuary cities will face financial penalties for sheltering criminal illegal aliens, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel struck back.

From NBC Chicago:

After Attorney General Jeff Sessions reiterated the federal government’s threat to block funding for so-called “sanctuary cities,” Mayor Rahm Emanuel doubled down on his own promise that Chicago will “continue to welcome” immigrants.

“I’ve always seen Chicago as a welcoming city,” Emanuel said in an interview from the Nasdaq stock exchange in New York on Monday.

The story notes Chicago gets over $1 billion in federal funds.

Emanuel’s arrogance is putting Chicago in the crosshairs of President Trump’s efforts to eliminate sanctuary cities.

Trump is committed to making cities safe from criminal illegal aliens and unfortunately, for Chicago residents, Emanuel is putting progressive politics before public safety.