Republicans Resist Trump Budget Cuts

Once again President Trump is exposing problems in our government.

Trump’s extreme vetting executive orders exposed left-wing judges that are inappropriately interfering with foreign policy.

Now the president’s blueprint budget proposal has Republicans pushing back against big cuts to government spending.


Even some Republicans balk at some of the proposed double-digit reductions in programs ranging from foreign aid to the Environmental Protection Agency, with outright eliminations of programs that run from the National Endowment for Arts to legal aid for the poor.

All are programs with bipartisan constituencies that can block Trump’s plans, inspiring a familiar refrain from opponents in describing the budget plan: dead on arrival.

Naturally, Democrats also slammed the budget outline. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said, “This budget shifts the burden off of the wealthy and special interests and puts it squarely on the backs of the middle class and those struggling to get there.”

The resistance to budget cuts illustrates Congressmen from both parties are addicted to spending your tax dollars.

It’s going to take a huge grassroots effort to make any meaningful cuts in government spending.