Obama Is Back


Look out America former President Obama is back.

After a brief absence from the media spotlight, Obama is set to make his first public speech since leaving the White House.

NBC News reports:

Barack Obama will return to the public stage on Monday for the first time since leaving office, advisers told NBC News Sunday.

The 44th president will appear in a forum at the University of Chicago with a group of politically diverse students from high school age to graduate school level.

Obama, who will lead the forum, is not expected to criticize President Donald Trump, advisers said, but will advocate for his own administration’s policies, like the Affordable Care Act.

While Obama is not expected to directly challenge President Trump, it’s likely the former president will get a question about Trump and that will open the door for him to unleash critical remarks.

With the Democrat Party in disarray, expect Obama to fill the void as he tries to remain relevant and the left-wing media will relish in the opportunity to pit Obama against Trump.