Video Tom Borelli Debates Judge Neil Gorsuch Senate Vote On i24 News

Democrats are lining up to block Judge Neil Gorsuch from the Supreme Court.

So far, only two Democrat Senators are voting to support his nomination. Adding those votes to the 52 Republicans voting leaves the GOP 6 votes short of getting to the magic number of 60 needed to break a filibuster.

If that vote count remains firm, it will be up to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to exercise the so-called nuclear option – eliminating the 60 vote threshold.

Under that scenario, a simple majority vote would be sufficient for the Senate to approve Gorsuch.

Conservative Review contributor Tom Borelli Ph.D. debated Chip Franklin on the Gorsuch nomination vote with hosts Michelle Makori and David Shuster on i24 News.