The Buzz: Democrats & Media Use Scare Tactics To Demonize Health Care Plan

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Shortly after the House of Representatives passed the American Health Care Act, Democrats and the media demonized the Republican health care plan.

Democrats made wild claims about the dire consequences of the plan, including death, while the media trumpeted those unfounded claims.

The left-wing political media alliance focused its guns on the waiver that would allow states to address individuals with pre-existing health conditions.

In reality, the bill allows those with pre-existing conditions to be charged more for insurance if they didn’t have health care insurance for more than 63 days, and under that circumstance, that would occur for only one year.

Moreover, these individuals would be put into a risk pool where federal dollars would subsidize the additional costs.

The media also failed to explain that Republicans are trying to address Obamacare because it is a marketplace failure, with insurance companies abandoning the state exchanges.

Democrats are attacking the Republican plan to generate public opinion against it and to politicize the new health care plan to win seats in the 2018 election.

The Republican plan has many problems, including unknown costs, and it’s only a modification of Obamacare, but claiming it will kill people is outrageous and irresponsible.

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