The Buzz: Fake News Is Determined To Destroy Trump

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President Trump is at war with the left-wing media, and they are doing everything they can to destroy him.

Trump is fighting a multi-prong war – he is fighting the media, the Democrats, squishy Republicans, and Deep State intelligence community bureaucrats who want to make him look bad.

Over the past week, there were media firestorms over two issues.

The first round of media outrage surrounded Trump’s decision to fire FBI head James Comey.

Regarding Comey, two major news organizations, The New York Times and The Washington Post, published stories that were wrong.

More recently, the second round of media outrage involved Trump’s meeting with Russian officials in the White House. The Washington Post reported that the president gave classified information about an ISIS terrorist effort to the foreign government.

The media claimed Trump’s actions were dangerous because Russia could connect the dots and determine the sources and methods of the intelligence that provided the information.

Moreover, the media claimed U.S. allies would be reluctant to share information with the U.S. because they would not trust Trump.

That claim is false. The world needs the U.S for protection, and Israel – the country reported as having provided the U.S. with the information on ISIS – said it has full confidence in the U.S. under Trump.

Media outrage over national security is highly selective. Obama was not slammed by the media for undercutting our allies or our national security when he gave Iran $1.7 billion in cash and gold.

The media was not outraged over Hillary Clinton jeopardizing U.S national security when she set up a private home email system.

The vested power interests in Washington, D.C. are doing everything they can to undermine Trump and his political agenda.

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