The Buzz: Trump International Trip Twists Media in Knots

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President Trump’s first international trip is dominating the news cycle and driving the liberal media and Democrat political operatives nuts.

Trump’s trip directed the media’s focus to international affairs and away from the Russian allegations and James Comey stories that were relentlessly covered by the media.

The negative news coverage was dominating nationwide headlines, harming public opinion of Trump and threatening his agenda.

For Trump, this trip could not have come at a better time.

The media is forced to cover Trump’s trip with, in most cases, live breaking news, allowing Trump to deliver his message unfiltered.

Obama loyalists and the media are trying to minimize Trump’s trip, but some anti-Trump outlets, such as the New York Times, actually made positive comments about the president.

While there is some valid criticism of some of Trump’s Middle East policies, overall the trip is a huge success because it is generating positive news and images for the president at an important time.

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