Deneen Borelli: Number of Licensed Black Female Gun Owners On the Rise

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One conservative activist and gun owner is applauding the rising number of black women in America turning to guns for self-defense.

Reasons for the increase vary, but Fox News announced that firearms instructors are reporting an uptick in the number of black women who are learning how to use guns in self-defense courses around the country.

“I think it’s perhaps because of their immediate environment, their neighborhood and where they live – and this is based on criminal activity, or it could just be for peace of mind … just in case something happens.” Conservative Review Chief Political Correspondent Deneen Borelli reasoned. “But I do believe it’s important for everyone to be able to defend themselves and especially women because a criminal might think they could easily take advantage of them.”

Borelli, who is also a contributor for Fox News, says that she and her husband are both licensed gun owners.

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