NYTimes Editorial Blasts Health Care Bill As “The Trumpcare Disaster”

The left is at it again.

Following the House of Representatives passing the American Health Care Act by a very narrow margin, the left-wing propaganda machine swung into full gear.

The vote was 217-213 just above the 216 needed for the bill to pass.

The New York Times editorial, “The Trumpcare Disaster,” typifies the left-wing view of the legislation.

The headings of the editorial are clearly alarmist: “Takes a machete to Medicaid, Slashes insurance subsidies, Eliminates the individual mandate. Guts protections for people with pre-existing conditions, Makes insurance less comprehensive.”

You get the point.

The editorial fails to mention that ObamaCare is a marketplace failure. Heath care insurance companies are abandoning state exchanges after losing billions of dollars because of ObamaCare’s flawed structure.

The attack on the GOP health care bill also includes the entertainment elite.

Late-night, TV host Stephen Colbert joked about the GOP bill and Cher whined on Twitter that her asthama treatments will not be covered.

The bill is far from ideal and the cost of it remains unknown.

Yet, the historical attacks from the left filters into views of Americans which makes any attempt to peel back elements of ObamaCare nearly impossible.