Resistance Summer Funded by the DNC to Fight Trump Agenda

As the weather starts to heat up, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is ramping up their efforts to fight President Trump’s agenda.

Known as “Resistance Summer,” it’s reported the DNC is bankrolling the movement at an estimated cost of $1 million for events across the country, such as town halls, rallies and neighborhood meetings to whip up their base to oppose President Trump and his agenda.

Fox News reports:

The so-called “Resistance Summer” is billed as a 50-state strategy. The DNC plans to hold events across the country in early June before sponsoring a national training summit in the hopes of attracting scores of new Democratic voters, the Hill reported.

The move is the party’s first concrete expansion plan since Tom Perez took over as chairman.

Nationally, Democrats face a power deficit they’ve not seen in nine decades. Republicans control the White House and Congress, hold 33 governorships and run about two-thirds of state legislatures.

Under former President Obama, Democrats lost over a thousand seats in government across the country including in Congress and the White House.

The DNC is desperate in their attempt to regain power and is banking on whipping up their activist base across the country to do so.