Comey Caved To Demand From Loretta Lynch

In addition to admitting orchestrating a negative story in The New York Times by leaking a memo about his meeting with the president, former FBI Director James Comey also described a directive from former Attorney General Loretta Lynch regarding the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton.

During the hearing, Comey said Lynch told him not to describe the FBI’s work on the Clinton email scandal as an investigation but as a “matter.”

CNBC described Comey’s remarks about Lynch:

The former FBI director said that Lynch asked him to refer to the Hillary Clinton email investigation as a “matter” — as opposed to an “investigation” — before a hearing in September.

Comey testified that he didn’t resist the request because it “isn’t a hill worth dying on” and because he expected media reports to “completely ignore it” and refer to it as an investigation anyway. Still, he said that Lynch’s request “concerned” him because the language she suggested resembled the language the Clinton campaign itself was using.

The revelation from Comey about Lynch’s effort to protect Hillary Clinton exposes his political nature. He was happy to bow to Lynch’s demand without writing a memo about it because he was most likely confident that he was going to keep his job if Clinton got elected.

Meanwhile, he was quick to write a memo about his meeting with Trump.

Comey’s actions prove he is a creature of the Washington D.C. swamp.