Sen Bernie Sanders Denies Helping Wife Secure Loan For Burlington College

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) denied using his office to help his wife Jane secure a loan for Burlington College where she served as president.

Under her leadership, Burlington College was closed amid severe financial challenges.

USA Today reports:

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Appearing Thursday night on MSNBC, the Vermont independent and former candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination responded directly to allegations from a prominent Republican lawyer regarding the senator’s involvement in helping Jane O’Meara Sanders secure financing for the now-shuttered college.

“That is an absolute lie,” Sanders told journalist Chris Hayes, host of the show “All In.” They spent the bulk of the seven-minute segment discussing health care.

In addition to the senator’s possible involvement in helping his wife secure a loan, Jane Sanders is under FBI investigation for allegedly making misleading information to the bank for the $10 million loan.

It’s ironic that Sanders, as a warrior against special interest influence, is being challenged over using his post to help his wife.