Democrats Ignore Black Voters Again

The Democrat Party is repeating the mistake it made during the 2016 elections by ignoring black voters, according to The New York Times.

The story concludes Democrats wasted huge sums of money by trying to get white voters in 2016 and the lack of focus on blacks cost the Democrat Party because the demographic group did not turn out that year.

In the 2016 election, the Democratic Party committees that support Senate and House candidates and allied progressive organizations spent more than $1.8 billion. The effectiveness of that staggering amount of money, however, was undermined by a strategic error: prioritizing the pursuit of wavering whites over investing in and inspiring African-American voters, who made up 24 percent of Barack Obama’s winning coalition in 2012.

In spring 2016, when the progressive independent expenditure groups first outlined their plans for $200 million in spending, they did not allocate any money at all for mobilizing black voters (some money was slotted for radio and digital advertising aimed at blacks, but none for hiring human beings to get out the vote).

The Democrat strategy reveals they are worried about losing white voters and they are taking black voters for granted.

Republicans should take advantage of the void and aggressively pursue the black vote by leveraging policy ideas such as school choice and economic policies that would benefit urban communities.