Academics Threaten Trump And Insult Supporters

Threats and harsh terms against President Trump and his supporters are on the rise.

The entertainment industry was first to cross the line with criticism of Trump.

Comedian Kathy Griffin and entertainer Madonna were two examples of extremism.

Griffin held a decapitated doll that represented Trump in a picture.

During a rally speech, Madonna said she thought about blowing up the White House.

More recently, a state senator from Missouri said Trump should be assassinated. Following her Facebook post, the state senator is getting pressure to resign.

Apparently, the backlash against the entertainers and the state senator did not connect with the academic world.

A professor from California State University went on a leave of absence following a Tweet saying, “Trump must hang.”

USA Today reports:

A history professor at California State University Fresno who sent an inflammatory tweet about President Trump agreed with the school to take “a voluntary leave of absence” for the rest of the spring semester, effective immediately, the university announced Tuesday.

Professor Lars Maischak, 47, sent a tweet on Feb. 18 saying, “To save American democracy, Trump must hang. The sooner and the higher, the better.” The tweet didn’t attract much attention until the far right Breitbart News site posted a story about it on April 8, sparking outrage nationwide.

In addition to Maischak, a Clemson professor is hurling insults at Trump’s supporters.

The Daily Caller reports:

A Clemson University professor has declared all Republicans and supporters of Donald Trump to be nothing less than “racist scum” in a bile-filled series of public posts on Facebook. The professor also called for political violence “against white supremacy.”

Bart Knijnenburg, an assistant professor in Human-Centered Computing for Clemson University, expressed his hatred towards Republicans and doubled down when others in his Facebook timeline asked him to clarify his statements, which have since been hidden.

These examples illustrate some of the extreme responses to Trump and there are no signs it will slow down.

Instead of a thoughtful discussion of policy differences, the political left is choosing to be emotionally unhinged.