Google And Facebook Join Left-Wing Groups In Sponsoring Netroots Nation Meeting

Google and Facebook were the only major corporations to sponsor the Netroots Nation meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.

Netroots Nation organizes an annual meeting for progressive activists.

The two Silicon Valley companies were listed as premier sponsors joining far left groups such as, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, and Daily Kos.

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The program agenda includes a session targeting a pro-life organization, Human Coalition.

The Daily Caller reports:

Two of the most powerful companies in the world are co-sponsoring a protest against a pro-life women’s health care clinic that provides free medical services and counseling to pregnant women — just not abortions.

Facebook and Google are co-sponsoring Netroots Nation, an annual gathering of progressive activists and political leaders that is targeting a pro-life organization, Human Coalition, and the health care clinics they operate under the name Cura, which provide free medical services and counseling for women with unplanned pregnancies. The protest’s organizers claim two primary motivations for going after Human Coalition’s clinics: they’re pro-life, and they’re successful.


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