Hillary Clinton Seeking To Profit From Her Embarrassing Loss

hillary clinton

Making the best of a really bad situation, Hillary Clinton is seeking to profit from her book promotion tour.

Never shy about making money, Clinton is charging a huge sum for front row seats to watch her discuss her book, “What Happened.”

The New York Post reports:

Hillary Clinton’s book tour launches next month — and if you’re planning on attending, bring cash.

The top price for a ticket to an Oct. 23 appearance in Montreal is $2,375.

In addition to the best seats, those paying big bucks will get to meet Clinton and get a picture with her.

What a deal!!!

By charging a big price, Clinton hopes to reduce the chances a casual critic will use the opportunity to ask the former presidential candidate about her email scandal, her role in selling Russians uranium and Benghazi.

However, given today’s political environment and Clinton’s unpopularity, it is possible a wealthy or funded critic will use the opportunity to embarrass her and generate some news.