Podcast Democrats Set Trap For Trump Over DACA

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President Trump’s decision to have Congress address former President Obama’s DACA executive action is filled with huge risks for the U.S. and Trump’s presidency.

DACA allows individuals who illegally entered the country as children to remain and work in the U.S.

Allowing individuals covered under DACA to become citizens would result in two huge negative impacts.

First, making the estimated 800,000 DACA program participants citizens would result in a wave of new immigrants through chain migration, where new citizens can bring family members into the U.S. This could result in millions of new immigrants, most of them low-skilled workers, and millions of new potential Democrat voters.

Second, making DACA program participants citizens would break a long-standing promise Trump made to his supporters during the campaign.

Democrats are trying to work with Trump on DACA for their self-serving political needs.

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