Podcast Harvey Weinstein Proves Money Matters to Democrats Not Women’s Lives

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Huge Democrat donor and Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s decades-old sexual harassment scandals were exposed in a New York Times story. The Times report detailed the alleged sexual misconduct and settlements.

Weinstein used money and power in Hollywood and in politics to protect himself from sexual harassment charges and from being exposed, including stopping The New York Times from publishing a story about his behavior in 2004.

Following the Times story, numerous women including Hollywood actresses are stating they were subjected to sexual harassment from Weinstein, and Democrats are donating money given to them by the Hollywood producer to various charities.

Many Democrats issued statements condemning Weinstein’s behavior, and it took Hillary Clinton five days to denounce him in a statement through a spokesperson. Both Hillary and Bill Clinton benefited from Weinstein’s money.

For decades, the left-wing establishment did not challenge Weinstein’s actions and allowed him to carry on with his abusive behavior because they put money and power before women’s lives.

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