NFL Caves: Owners To Donate $100 Million For Social Justice

Facing falling TV ratings and empty seats at stadiums, NFL owners are planning to donate about $100 million for social justice causes to pacify players and end protests during the National Anthem.

The New York Post reports:

During a season of controversy over national anthem protests, the NFL and the players reached a tentative agreement late Wednesday night to come together on a plan to address social justice issues considered important to black communities, according to multiple reports.

The deal calls for the NFL to contribute nearly $100 million over seven years to projects concerning criminal justice reform, law enforcement, community relations and education.

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The owners hope the funds will motivate the players to end the National Anthem protests.

According to the reports, the deal does not require players to stand and respect the American flag.

Caving to player’s concerns will only further alienate football fans and not bolster the NFL’s dying brand.


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