Podcast Sexual Harassment Claims Hit Franken Contributes to Democrat Infighting

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Sexual harrassment in Hollywood and elsewhere is national news causing public outrage over sexual abuse of women.

The change in public sentiment on sexual harassment is having a big impact in politics.

Numerous women are calling out examples of harassment, and Democrats are becoming casualties.

Minnesota Democrat Senator Al Franken was exposed for sexual harassment, and the response to him is very different from that to U.S. Senate Republican candidate from Alabama Roy Moore.

While there is a bipartisan call for Moore to quit his Senate race, the outrage over Franken is muted, with senators calling for an ethics investigation, not Franken’s resignation.

The new environment is also affecting the elites’ view of Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton’s defense of her husband.

In this edition of “The Buzz,” we discuss the impact of sexual harassment claims in politics and Hollywood and how the new environment is impacting Democrats and adding fuel to the “get Hillary Clinton off the political stage” movement.

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