Nancy Pelosi Vows To Stay In Leadership Position

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) vowed to stay in her leadership position in an interview with The Hill.

Pelosi justified her decision on being a woman.

Asked about being the “only woman at the table,” Pelosi — the only female party leader in Congress — said it’s a seat she doesn’t plan to give up.

“I don’t intend to relinquish that seat at the table,” Pelosi said. “I thought… no I didn’t think, I knew Hillary Clinton was going to win and I thought ‘OK then there is a woman at the head of the table.'”

Republican campaigns frequently use Pelosi and her left-wing policies as a reason to vote for GOP candidates and some Democrats have expressed the need for a new Democrat leader in the House of Representatives.

With Democrats feeling they can win the majority in the House of Representatives, Pelosi will most certainly want to hang on in case she can become House Speaker.