DNC Fundraising Efforts Lagging Behind RNC

Democrats are having trouble fundraising.

With the midterm elections approaching, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is lagging behind the Republican National Committee (RNC) in fundraising efforts.

Breitbart reports:

ProPublica reports the Republican National Committee (RNC) has set yet another fundraising record, while the Democratic National Committee (DNC) registered its lowest figure in April during a midterm election cycle since 2006.

Derek Willis of ProPublica.org Tweeted about the DNC’s fundraising status:



Breitbart also reports the DNC “has struggled in comparison to the Republican National Committee” to fundraise under the leadership of DNC chair Tom Perez.

Since the election of President Trump, the RNC’s fundraising efforts are on the rise.

According to filings, the RNC took in $13 million in April — a fundraising record during a midterm election year — and spent $12.1 million. The Party finished the month with a whopping $43.8 million in its coffers.

The Left’s extremism and resist Trump agenda is not connecting with the DCN donors.