Rapper Calls on Crips Gang Members to Attack Kanye West

The backlash against entertainer Kanye West is going to the extreme including threats against his life.

Kanye took significant heat for Tweeting his support for President Trump and the president’s supporter Candace Owens.

Now, a rapper known as Daz Dillinger urged notorious Crips gang members to attack Kanye over his support of President Trump on social media.

Fox News reports (see video):

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A California rapper on Sunday ordered local gang members to attack Kanye West over his support for President Trump.


“Yo national alert, all the Crips out there, y’all f— Kanye up,” Dillinger continued, referring to the infamous Crips gang in California. “Better not ever see you in concert; better not ever see you around the LBC; better not ever see you around California.”

TMZ reports the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is looking into the threat.

Kanye is a prominent cultural figure and the liberal mob hates the fact he could influence others through his support of independent thought and freedom of speech.

With calls for bodily harm against Kanye, the silence is deafening from the ACLU and black activists like Al Sharpton.


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