Trump Black Voter Effort Can Kill Democrat Party

Democrats are in trouble.

Actions by President Trump including giving pardons to blacks and the historic low black unemployment rate is threatening the monopoly Democrats hold with black voters.

A USA Today commentary, “Donald Trump is wooing black voters and killing the Democratic party,” describes how the president’s actions are reaching the black community.

While the Democratic Party is sleeping, focused on winning November’s midterms rather than uniting behind a single 2020 candidate to challenge Trump, the president is wooing black voters with the help of Kim Kardashian, who’s married to the Mad Rapper and has 60 million Twitter followers, many of whom are black.

Donald Trump is succeeding at something few people thought possible. He is getting some black people to compare him to Barack Obama. Obama didn’t get Alice Johnson out of jail. Obama didn’t pardon Jack, even though Ken Burns asked him to and produced an entire documentary explaining why.

Donald Trump isn’t killing the Republican Party.

He is killing the Democratic Party.

Democrats need overwhelming black voter support to win elections and President Trump is on the verge of seriously eroding that support.

Desperation reigns with Democrats and that’s why some black elected officials, such as Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA), are calling President Trump a racist and a white supremacist.

Democrats are hoping the bumper sticker soundbites will stick to President Trump like they have in the past.

But this time it’s different because President Trump’s policies and use of social media are breaking through and the Democrat Party is in serious trouble.