Video Tom Borelli Debates Kanye White House Meeting

Conservative Review contributor Tom Borelli Ph.D. debates Kanye West’s White House meeting with President Trump.

Kanye’s meeting with President Trump dominated the national news.

Critics slammed Kanye while President Trump’s supporters cheered the entertainer.

A writer for CNN blasted the meeting:

The meeting between Trump and Kanye was high-octane foolishness and one of many debasing moments in Trump’s circus-like White House. As people are fighting for their lives while enduring Hurricane Michael, which should have been the focus this week, we instead have two fame-obsessed, thin-skinned celebrities gushing over each other.

CNN host Chris Cuomo slammed President Trump.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo took a swing at what racist musings President Donald Trump was thinking about when he hosted rapper Kanye West in the Oval Office on Thursday. Cuomo was also upset that Trump held a rally (Wednesday night in Erie, Pennslyvania) as Hurricane Michael battered Florida.

Cuomo, taking an “educated guess,” said Trump probably got a “warm serotonin flush of happy hormone” when he had racist ideas while talking to West, like the headlines he would get for talking with a popular African-American man. Cuomo flashed out headlines like ‘Blacks Loves Trump’ and ‘He’s Blacker Than Obama’ as thoughts that he was certain was racing through Trump’s head.

In contrast, Turning Point USA’s Candace Owens praised the White House meeting between Kanye and President Trump.