Video Tom Borelli Debates Sen Warren DNA Test on i24 News

Conservative Review contributor Tom Borelli Ph.D. debates Senator Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test results and the Senate race in Texas between Senator Ted Cruz and Representative Beto O’Rourke on “Clearcut,” with host Michelle Makori on i24 News.

President Trump commented on Senator Warren’s DNA test results.

Criticism of Warren is going beyond President Trump.

CNN reports:

Twenty-four hours after Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren shocked the political world with a five-minute video (and a mountain of documentation) aimed at putting to bed the controversy over her claims of Native American heritage, it’s becoming increasingly clear the strategy amounts to a swing and a miss.

Warren’s goal was to take the issue of her heritage off the table for nervous Democrats and to show that she was ready, willing and able to stand up to President Donald Trump if and when the time came that she was the party’s nominee against him in 2020. The problem is that, when you strip away all of the glitz of her well-produced video, you are left with this: There’s still no certainty that Warren is, in any meaningful way, Native American.