Obamas Raking In Millions

Former President Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama are raking in millions of dollars.

From book deals and a Netflix contract, the Obamas are getting more than $100 million.

The New York Post reports:

In addition to a $65 million book advance and an estimated $50 million deal with Netflix, both of which she shares with husband Barack Obama, the former first lady is poised to rake in millions from appearances on her 10-city US tour and sales of merchandise connected to her autobiography.

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Speaking fees are also a revenue generator for the former occupants of the White House.

The story adds the former president gets $400,000 for each speech while his wife got $225,000 for a recent speech.

Moreover, the former president gets $207,800 annual pension.

Michelle is currently on a book tour for her new book “Becoming.”

The former first lady got a big boost for her book sales from an interview with Oprah:

The Obamas have translated political popularity into a money-making machine.


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