Rihanna Calls US Border Patrol Tear Gas Firing on Migrants ‘Terrorism’

Migrants along the Mexico-U.S. border rushed U.S. Border Patrol officials over the weekend resulting in agents firing tear gas to maintain order.

Entertainer Rihanna criticized the agent’s response to the border breach attempt calling their actions “an act of terrorism.”

The Hill reports:

Pop star Rihanna on Sunday night responded to reports that the U.S. Border Patrol fired tear gas at migrants, calling it an act of “terrorism.”

She posted an Instagram drawing attention to a report that that U.S. Border Patrol had “just launched tear gas into Mexico.”

“Breeze carrying it hundreds of yards,” read the tweet from an Associated Press reporter that Rihanna screenshotted. “Parents running away with choking toddlers.”

“Terrorism,” Rihanna captioned the Instagram.

Rihanna made a comment to another Instagram post (see bottom of image):

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terrorism .

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Rihanna’s response is typical for the entertainment elite.

Way too many members of Hollywood and members of the entertainment industry are ignorant of our nation’s laws and use emotion, not reason, to react to current events.