Trump Blasted for Criticizing Black Female Reporters

President Trump is getting blasted by the media for his criticism of three black female reporters.

Over the course of a few days, President Trump sharply criticized the reporters over the nature of their questions.

The media pounced on the opportunity to make the issue about race.

The Washington Post story, “‘What a stupid question’: Trump demeans three black female reporters in three days,” used race in the headline.

Keeping with the racial theme the story says:

President Trump has made no secret of his contempt for reporters, whom he calls “fake news” and “enemy of the American people.” He’s also had unkind things to say about women and people who are African American.

This week, he hit a trifecta, singling out three African American women who are journalists. The women — Abby Phillip, April Ryan and Yamiche Alcindor — earned his contempt apparently just for asking him questions.

Trump called one of Phillip’s questions “stupid,” described Ryan as “a loser” and brushed off Alcindor, saying her question was “racist.”

The story also includes President Trump’s criticism of black Democrat politicians:

Trump has disparaged many people, so his responses to Phillip, Ryan and Alcindor might simply reflect equal-opportunity contempt. But all three of the latest examples fall into the categories of people — journalists, women, African Americans — for whom Trump has reserved special nastiness. Among the African American figures are Democratic Reps. Maxine Waters of California and Frederica S. Wilson of Florida.

A CNN commentator, Nina Turner, also viewed President Trump’s criticism along racial lines.

Mediaite reports:

“I mean, you know, ‘loser,’ ‘stupid,’ I mean, this president- he has disparaged African-Americans in particular in ways that are deep. And these stereotypes, these words that he uses towards African-Americans, they’re rooted in a type of stereotype in this country that has been hard for African-Americans to could from under because of the deep-seated racism in this country,” Turner said. “He understands exactly what he’s saying and what he’s doing when he uses those types of terms when referring to African-Americans in general and African-American women in particular.”

April Ryan jumped on the opportunity to get into the media cycle.

President Trump is an equal opportunity critic of reporters – it has nothing to do with race.

The media is doing a disservice by making this issue about race and only serves to divide the nation.