Tom Borelli Debates Trump Veto on Fox Business Network

Conservative Review and America’s Voice contributor Tom Borelli Ph.D. criticized the Senate vote to block President Trump’s national emergency declaration during a political panel on “Making Money with Charles Payne,” on the Fox Business Network.

Tom was joined by Democratic strategist Kristen Hawn and Heritage Action executive director Tim Chapman to discuss the political ramifications of the Senate vote that included a dozen Republicans.

Shortly after the segment, President Trump vetoed the resolution that passed both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

President Trump was surrounded by law enforcement and Angel Families in the Oval Office when he signed the veto.

During his remarks, the president emphasized the crisis along the U.S.-Mexico southern border.

President Trump also retweeted a White House Tweet of a video by U.S. Border Patrol and Protection showing a number of people illegally entering New Mexico.

As Tom mentioned during the interview, there is a crisis on the southern border and those that voted to block President Trump’s emergency declaration are on the wrong side of providing safety and security for Americans.