Biden Gets D-Minus on Climate Change Policy

Radical liberals are moving full steam ahead to make climate change a core policy issue as the 2020 presidential election approaches.

Former Vice President and presidential candidate Joe Biden is finding out the hard way his stance on climate change isn’t nearly radical enough.

Biden received a D-minus on the presidential candidates climate change report card issued by Greenpeace USA, a left-leaning environmental group.

The Green New Deal and calls to end fossil fuels are top agenda items for Greenpeace USA.

Campaign director Janet Redman called Biden out, saying, “If he wants to translate his front-runner status in the polls to actual leadership on climate, we need [Biden] to come out with a bold, concrete plan in line with the scale of the crisis we’re facing,” according to Bloomberg.

Greenpeace USA also set up a page for activists to find out what their presidential candidate’s position is on climate change initiatives and they can go an extra step to praise or criticize the candidate with feedback.

Democrats are seeking to make climate change policy a top issue for the first debate at the end of June.

Three Democrat senators are requesting the first Democrat presidential primary debate focus on climate change.

The Daily Beast reports:

A trio of Democratic senators wrote a letter to the top official at NBC News on Thursday calling on the network to make climate change the primary focus of the first 2020 presidential primary debate, which the network is set to host next month.

Radical Democrats see the 2020 presidential election as a way to get an aggressive climate change policy on the national stage and they are pushing front runner Joe Biden to adopt their views.