NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Announces He is Running for President

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced he is joining the 2020 race for president.

In his announcement and subsequent media interview about his run, de Blasio blasted President Trump.

During his interview on ABC News, de Blasio called President Trump “a con artist.”

The mayor also emphasized his campaign is built around support for working people.

President Trump hit back in a Tweet.

De Blasio’s run for president is considered a very long shot because of his low favorability ratings in polls.

A New York Post story reported on the mayor’s unfavavorable polls.

De Blasio has the dubious distinction of being the only candidate or potential candidate out of 23 contenders to earn a negative rating among national Democrats in a March Monmouth University survey. A total of 24 percent gave him a thumbs down while just 18 percent had a favorable view of him.

The story also reported 76 percent of New York City voters feel de Blasio should not run for president.

Despite the extremely long odds, de Blasio plans to start campaigning in Iowa and South Carolina – two early state primary contests.

De Blasio knows he doesn’t have a chance to win the Democrat primary, especially in such a crowded field.

The fact that New Yorkers don’t want him to run speaks volumes.