Biden Climate Change Plan Includes Copied Material

Former Vice President and 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden’s new climate change policy contained information copied from other sources.

The Daily Caller reports that “…CREDO Action, highlighted two instances where Biden’s campaign used the exact same language as left-wing nonprofits, without citations,” and the news site conducted additional research which “…identified three other examples of similarly phrased excerpts.”

Passages in Biden’s climate change plan on emissions from aviation and carbon capture are identical to other sources. The apparently copied material did not include citations to the original sources.

Biden’s campaign told Business Insider the citations were “…inadvertently left out of the final version” and they promptly updated the climate change plan.

This is not the first time Biden was involved in examples of plagiarism. In 1988, Biden ended his presidential campaign after examples of plagiarism surfaced during his law school days and on the campaign trail.

Biden’s climate change plan includes some of the goals of the Green New Deal. It seeks to pass a law to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 to make the U.S. a net zero emitter of those emissions by that time.

The plan is estimated to cost $1.7 trillion and Biden also promises to rejoin the Paris climate change agreement.

The climate change plan offered by Biden is more aggressive than originally thought and it’s meant to appease the radical elements of the Democrat Party.

However, at the end of the day, making traditional energy sources more expensive via a federal law will represent a political problem in key battleground states that rely on cheap energy for jobs if Biden becomes the Democrat nominee.

Biden is living for the political moment and will worry about the consequences of his climate change policy during the general election if he gets there.