Crisis at the Border Worsens with Over 144K Apprehended or Deemed Inadmissible in May

May marked another month of soaring illegal migrant apprehensions at the southern border.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBC) reports over 144,000 illegal migrants were apprehended or deemed inadmissible along the U.S.-Mexico southern border.

Over 132,000 illegal migrants were apprehended after illegally crossing the border between the ports of entry.

A Tweet from the CBC details the apprehensions in May.

According to CBC officials, more than 100,000 children and family units were detained in May and holding cells are significantly overcrowded.

During a reporter press call, U.S. Border Patrol Chief of Law Enforcement Operations Brian Hastings indicated, “The numbers for May prove the crisis is only getting worse.”

Chief Hastings also provided a breakdown of migrants illegally crossing the southern border in May.

Breitbart reports:

Hastings discussed how these numbers differ radically from those in the past due to the demographics of the migrants being taken into custody. “For May, over 36,000 Border Patrol apprehensions were single adults, over 11,000 apprehensions were unaccompanied alien children, a 29 percent increase over our already record numbers in April. Over 84,000 or nearly 64 percent of our apprehensions were family units.”

These numbers are staggering and highlight the importance of a wall along the southern border.

Unless significant action is taken, the number of illegal migrants making their way to the U.S.-Mexico southern border will continue to soar, overwhelming our border patrol agents and detention facilities.