Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Backs Impeaching Trump

Harry Reid, the former Senate Majority Leader, is backing the movement to impeach President Trump.

Previously, Reid opposed impeachment.

USA Today reports:

“It’s not the right thing to do nothing,” Reid said in an interview Monday with USA TODAY. “It’s not the right thing to jump into impeachment without doing an inquiry.”

The story notes the change in view about impeachment reflects new energy for the possible removal of President Trump.

In support of that theory, The Daily Beast is reporting, “…pro-impeachment House Democrats have begun recruiting fellow lawmakers to their camp in a bid to put more pressure on the House Speaker.”

The basis of the new momentum behind impeachment appears to be rooted in the very large number of Democrats that support the effort.

A CNN poll reported 76 percent of Democrats want President Trump impeached.

CNN reports:

The shift on impeachment stems mostly from a rebound in support for it among Democrats — 76% favor it currently, up from 69% in April.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) currently opposes impeachment but momentum is clearly building in the other direction.

If House Democrats decide to launch an impeachment process, it will backfire politically.