Nancy Pelosi: “A violation of status is not a reason for deportation”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) proves she cares more about the welfare of illegal aliens and less about the rule of law.

While speaking at an event in New York, Pelosi told the audience about her telephone discussion with President Trump over his decision to temporarily halt the deportation raids of illegal aliens.

Pelosi said she urged President Trump not go through with the ICE raids, saying there’s no justification for the deportations.

The Hill reports:

“I said, a violation of status is not a reason for deportation, that’s just not so,” Pelosi said she told Trump.

Pelosi also said she told President Trump he is “scaring the children.”

“When I spoke to the president, I said, look, I’m a mom, I have five kids, seven, nine grandchildren. And children are scared. You’re scaring the children of America. Not just in those families, but their neighbors and their communities. You’re scaring the children,” Pelosi said at an event in New York to discuss immigration policy.

President Trump Tweeted about his decision to temporarily suspend the deportation raids.

Pelosi criticized President Trump in a Tweet and blamed him for the problems at the southern border.

The delayed ICE deportation raids were going to target illegal aliens in 10 cities.

Acting ICE Director Mark Morgan said the raids were delayed due to media leaks of the raids which put ICE officers in danger.

President Trump is using the two-week delay to allow Congress time to negotiate a plan to address immigration laws.