Deneen Borelli Discusses Mueller Hearing on Fox Business

The much-hyped testimony of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller wasn’t the grand slam Democrats and the anti-Trump media anticipated.

During the House Judiciary Committee’s hearing, Mueller made it clear he would not answer certain questions, saying in his opening statement, “I therefore will not be able to answer questions about certain areas that I know are of public interest,”

Mueller’s response to questions throughout his testimony didn’t provide Democrats with the ammunition they hoped for to back their agenda to impeach President Trump.

The Hill reports:

House Democrats hoping that former special counsel Robert Mueller would trigger momentum for impeaching President Trump were met with resistance Wednesday from a witness who often wouldn’t even answer lawmakers’ questions.

In fact, the hearings made it clear that Mueller didn’t write the report and he didn’t understand key elements in it.

Consequently, the report was written by the team of anti-Trump lawyers Mueller picked to undertake the investigation.

Deneen discussed this topic on Fox Business Network’s “Making Money with Charles Payne,” with constitutional attorney Jenna Ellis Rives, Fox News contributor Doug Schoen, and host Charles Payne.

Watch the interview here.