Sen Harris Reveals $100 Billion Black Homeownership Plan Through HUD

Over the weekend, California Democrat and 2020 presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris revealed her plan to assist black families to purchase homes if she is elected president.

Harris’ plan includes $100 billion in federal funds through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for housing assistance in downpayment and closing costs.

Harris unveiled her plan at the 25th Anniversary Essence Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana (watch video).

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Harris Tweeted about her plan and cited discrimination as part of the problem:

The proposed homeownership plan aims to assist “4 million homebuyers” and address “racial wealth disparities.”

Fox News reports:

“If we eliminate racial wealth disparities in homeownership rates, median Black wealth would grow $32,113 per household, and the wealth gap between Black and white households would shrink 31 percent,” her campaign said.

The black vote is critical in the upcoming presidential election and Harris is trying to buy the black vote by providing housing assistance.


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