Trump Aide Lynne Patton: Where’s the $16 Billion in Federal Funds that Went to Baltimore in 2018

Liberals continue to scream racism over President Trump’s tweets criticizing Maryland Democrat Representative Elijah Cummings for not doing enough to clean up the streets of Baltimore.

While liberals direct their anger at President Trump and provide cover for Cummings, they are ignoring the deplorable condition of some areas of Baltimore.

Liberals are also ignoring what happened to the billions of dollars directed to the district.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) regional administrator Lynne Patton questioned the whereabouts of approximately $16 billion in federal funds given to Cummings’ district in the Fiscal Year of 2018 on Fox News (watch clip).

President Trump criticized Cummings and also asked what happened to the money, raising the question if the federal funds were “stolen or wasted.”

Democrat Baltimore Mayor Bernard “Jack” Young responded to President Trump’s tweets, essentially seeking more federal assistance.

Real Clear Politics reports:

“We are a city that has problems like any other city, but we are moving forward,” Mayor Young said. “My message to the president is, stop tweeting and send federal help and federal resources to the city of Baltimore. Not just to the city of Baltimore, to urban cities around the country that are having problems with aging infrastructure, with crime and grime, and reduction in resources from the federal government.”

The horrendous condition of Baltimore streets was exposed by Baltimore resident Kimberly Klacik last week (watch videos).

Rather than address the horrific condition of Baltimore streets and the whereabouts of billions in federal funds, Democrats are shielding the district’s leaders from any form of accountability.