Democrat Presidential Candidates Kiss Sharpton’s Ring

Democrat 2020 presidential candidates are so desperate to gain black voter support, they are swooning all over Al Sharpton.

Sharpton is in the headlines for defending Representative Elijah Cummings (D-MD) after he was called out by President Trump for not doing enough to clean up the streets of Baltimore.

Baltimore resident Kimberly Klacik took videos showing the horrible condition of Baltimore neighborhoods, including abandoned buildings and trash (watch video).

Cummings, serving his 13th term in congress, represents the majority-black district of Baltimore, Maryland.

Supporters of Cummings rallied behind him with endless cries of racism against President Trump, including the anti-Trump media and Sharpton.

President Trump took to Twitter, calling Al Sharpton a “con man” and “trouble maker.”

Not surprising, Democrat 2020 presidential candidates were all in to provide air cover for Sharpton.

California Senator Kamala Harris said Sharpton “spent his life fighting for what’s right.”

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren said she will “stand with my friend Al Sharpton.”

Former Vice President Joe Biden said President Trump used “the power of the presidency to unleash racist attacks.”

Earlier this year, many of the Democrats running for the party’s nomination attended and spoke at Sharpton’s annual National Action Network conference and backed a reparations legislation effort introduced by Texas Democrat Representative Shelia Jackson Lee.

Lee issued a press release on her idea for legislation for a Commission to Consider Reparations Proposals for Africans-Americans.

Harris did not address the reparations legislation in her speech but backed the measure in response to a question from Sharpton.

“When I am elected president I will sign that bill,” Harris told Sharpton (watch video 1:10 mark).

Democrat presidential candidates are bending over backward to kiss Sharpton’s ring because they know the black vote is crucial in the upcoming Democrat primaries.