New Details Add to Suspicion of Jeffrey Epstein Death

Suspicions over convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s death continue as more information is made public.

The multi-millionaire financier died of an apparent suicide in a federal jail in Manhattan over the weekend.

The New York Post tweeted a photo of Epstein while paramedics wheeled him into the hospital.

As details continue to unfold, it’s reported the jail guards tasked with keeping a close eye on Epstein were asleep.

The New York Post reports:

A prison and law enforcement official told the New York Times late Tuesday that the guards were asleep when they failed to check on Epstein for about three hours before his death.

The jail guards are also suspected of falsifying the log entries to document when Epstein was checked on.

Epstein was not checked every 30 minutes as required by normal procedures. Also, he didn’t have a jail mate which he should have had because of a previous possible suicide attempt. It’s also reported there’s no video surveillance capturing his movements inside his prison cell.

The New York Times tweeted the latest developments.

Actions were taken following Epstein’s death, including the reassignment of the warden in charge of the Lower Manhattan facility and two staffers were placed on leave while the investigation into his death continues.