Rep Tlaib Rejects Visit to Israel After Government Approved Travel

Democrat Representative Rashid Tlaib from Michigan rejects a visit to Israel after the government gave her the ok on a humanitarian basis.

After originally being rejected for entry to Israel, along with Democrat Representative Ilhan Omar from Minnesota, Tlaib made a separate request to enter the country so she could visit her grandmother who lives in the West Bank.

Israel accepted the request on a humanitarian basis but Tlaib reversed course and rejected the offer and then blasted the country. Tlaib didn’t like the conditions by the Israeli government.

Israel’s interior minister Aryeh Deri blasted Tlaib.

Fox News reported on Tlaib’s decision.

President Trump reacted to Tlaib’s decision not to travel to see her grandmother in the West Bank.

The president questioned whether Tlaib was playing politics all along.

The decision by Tlaib shows she was only interested in anti-Israel propaganda.