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Tom Borelli Blasts DOJ for Failing to Prosecute James Comey on America’s Voice News

America’s Voice News contributor Tom Borelli, Ph.D., blasts the Department of Justice for failing to prosecute former FBI Director James Comey over mishandling memos he wrote about conversations with President Trump.

Comey used the memos to generate a New York Times story which resulted in the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Borelli noted the FBI memos were taken from the FBI to Comey’s home after he was fired and the information was classified.

Comey’s action, according to Borelli, was theft of government property and it’s also illegal to have classified information at his home.

Borelli’s views were supported by Representative Devin Nunes (D-CA).

The Washington Examiner reports:

“What Hillary Clinton did is she had a server in her house with classified information on it. That’s illegal. The same is true for a document,” Nunes said.

“If you — especially if you purposely take a document. It’s one thing if you accidentally walk out with it. But to walk out with something that is clearly marked ‘Secret//No Foreign.’ I don’t see, there’s been people who have been busted for way less than that, I will tell you for sure. Rank-and-file military intelligence people would never get away with what Mr. Comey so far is getting away with,” he added.

Borelli stated the failure to prosecute Comey was evidence of a two-tiered justice system – one for the political class and another for everyone else.

Deneen Borelli

Deneen Borelli is the author of Blacklash: How Obama and the Left are Driving Americans to the Government Plantation. Deneen is a contributor with Newsmax Broadcasting. She is a former Fox News contributor and has appeared regularly on “Hannity,” “Fox & Friends,” “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” and “America’s Newsroom.” She has also appeared on Fox Business Network programs “Making Money with Charles Payne,” “The Evening Edit with Liz MacDonald,” and “Cavuto: Coast to Coast.” Previously, Deneen appeared on MSNBC, CNN, the BBC and C-SPAN. In addition to television, Deneen co-hosted radio programs on the SiriusXM Patriot channel with her husband Tom. Recently, Deneen co-hosted the Reigniting Liberty podcast with Tom. Deneen is a frequent speaker at political events, including the FreedomWorks 9.12.2009 March on D.C. which drew a crowd estimated at over 800,000 people. Deneen is also an Ambassador with, a social media platform that promotes free speech, and with the America First Policy Institute (AFPI) which advances policies that put Americans first. Deneen testified before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Natural Resources in May 2011 and before the Ohio House Public Utilities Committee in December 2011. Previously, Deneen was a host, Outreach Director with overseeing its outreach program, a Project 21 Senior Fellow, and Manager of Media Relations with the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE). Prior to joining CORE, Deneen worked at Philip Morris USA for 20 years. During her corporate career at Philip Morris she worked in various positions, her last as Project Management Coordinator in the Information Management department where she was responsible for the department’s mandated quality processes, communications, sales information and database management. Deneen began her Philip Morris career as a secretary and advanced to positions of increasing responsibilities. Deneen worked full-time and attended classes at night for 11 years to earn her B.A. in Managerial Marketing from Pace University, New York City. Deneen served on the Board of Trustees with The Opportunity Charter School in Harlem, New York. She appeared in educational videos for children, worked as a runway fashion model, and auditioned for television commercials. Her interests include ancient history, pistol target shooting, photography, and volunteering at her church. Deneen currently resides in Connecticut with her husband Tom.

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