Anti-Semitism Fighter Deneen Borelli: American, Catholic, Black, Female, Conservative

Originally posted at by Jeff Dunetz

Not everyone who fights against Antisemitism is Jewish. In fact, to legitimize the fight, it is essential to include brilliant non-Jews ensure the issue is recognized by the broader community. In present-day America, where one political party is decidedly anti-Semitic, the fight is more important than ever. Deneen Borelli

As Adam Milstein wrote on these pages, “Jew-hatred, also described as antisemitism, is becoming mainstream in America.” Ignored by the national media and local politicians, the creeping cancer of antisemitism has even metastasized in New York, the City with a larger Jewish population (1.8 million) than any other in America.

This past Sunday (9/22 ) demonstrators held a rally at City Hall to protest the dramatic rise in anti-Semitic hate crimes. According to the NYPD, anti-Semitic hate crimes are up 63 percent this year compared to 2018 More than half of the hate crimes committed in New York City were directed against Jews (152 out of 290).

One of those speakers was a Roman Catholic, Black, Female, Conservative named Deneen Borelli who I’ve admired since watching her present her book “Blacklash: How Obama and the Left Are Driving Americans to the Government Plantation,” at CPAC a few years back.

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