Biden Attacks Trump ‘I’ll beat him like a drum’ in the Election

Former Vice President and 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden is attacking President Trump over news reports the president asked the president of Ukraine to investigate Biden’s son’s past business dealings in the country.

At issue is the claim that when he was vice president, Biden helped his son Hunter by getting the Ukraine government to stop investigating a natural gas company that had him on its board of directors.

Biden attacked President Trump over the president’s claimed request to look into Hunter and the Ukraine company he worked for as a board member.

The former vice president said President Trump was abusing his power and that in an election, Biden would beat the president in a head to head matchup saying, “I’ll beat him like a drum.”

Biden is trying to make the most of the Ukraine phone call incident.

President Trump fought back against the elements of the phone call with Ukraine.

Biden and the anti-Trump media are trying to damage President Trump over his call with the Ukraine president.

It’s a desperate attempt to distract American voters from investigating how Biden might have used his influence as vice president to financially benefit his son.